Shop © 2012   Erstellt mit MAGIX 12x6” CFK       (12g +/-1g) (APCStyle) 5mm Hole (on Request with 6mm or 8mm)   13x6,5” CFK    (16g) (APCStyle) 6mm Hole (on Request with 8mm)   Propeller 12x3,8      (14g) 12x6         (14g) 13x6,5      (14g) €29.00 €34.00 12x4,5” CFK    (10-12g) (EPPStyle) 5mm Hole   10x4,5” CFK    (ca 7g  +/-1g) (EPPStyle)    3mm Hole (on Request also with lowering for 6Nut or with 5mm Hole)   12x3,8” CFK    (ca.12g) (APCStyle) 5mm Hole (on Request with 6mm)   €44.50 €37.00 €36.00 Made in Germany by LCC Made in China All Propeller as cw or ccw aviable Preise inc Mwst 19% Preisänderungen vorbehalten €29,50 €22,50 10x4,5      €24,50 €26,50 Language Select