Wellcome © LCC-Shop.de 2012   Erstellt mit MAGIX optimised Propellers for Multikopter as CW-CCW    hand made from LCC-Shop  special Material Mix CFK-GFK vibration reduction Propeller Since over 5 Jahren the  Spezialist for hand made CFK Propeller, Kopter and Camera Mount. Kopter Systems based on Mikrokopter, DJI Wookong, Naza or Feiyu Tech.    LCC Linke Christian’s Copter Kopter - ready build and tested 2 or 3 Axis  AlphaGel Decoubling Soft Run by Toothbelt Gear  for EOD550d / 600d 5D MK2 D7 GoPro   and special design on request with DualTiltDrive              Gimbal            Language Select Copter - ready build and tested controller MK or DJI your choise <- click Presentation from existing Projects no active Business, Store closed